Saturday, 1 October 2011

2012 online Workshops

How FABULOUS - 3 free online workshops to sign up for!  (I've signed up for all 3 myself)  

Strathmore 2012 Online Workshop Seres
Registration is open! Workshops are FREE!
Series starts January 1, 2012.

Learn techniques from experienced artists through online videos and downloadable instructions.

Get inspired from other students in our virtual classroom. Keep motivated with ideas and tips from your instructor. Register for our 2012 Online Workshop Series today.

Our online workshops are free and self-paced. Workshops are held in our virtual classroom website. Each workshop consists of four video lessons and supporting downloadable instructions. Students can participate in conversations on our discussion boards or share work in the classroom photo gallery.

Register Below
Doodles Unleashed: Mixed Media Mark-Making Techniques
Artwork by Traci Bautista

Workshop 1: Doodles Unleashed: Mixed Media
Mark-Making Techniques

Instructor: Traci Bautista
Start date: January 1, 2012

Description: Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you will enjoy a creative escape as you combine different media, color, texture, collage, doodling, lettering and more to create your own mixed media paintings. Push yourself beyond traditional art media by incorporating stitching into your work. Learn basic bookbinding techniques when you repurpose a painting into a mini-book. Play with paper in ways you never imagined!
Watercolor Sketching
Artwork by Cathy Johnson

Workshop 2: Watercolor Sketching

Instructor: Cathy Johnson
Start date: March 1, 2012

Description: Learn how to sketch from life using watercolor, pen and ink and more. Cathy Johnson will share numerous tricks and techniques, covering topics such as ink and watercolor, watercolor pencil, gouache and other mixed media. Learn how to start a sketch with pencil guidelines or jump right in with watercolors. Add interest and meaning to pages using a few select collage elements. Put all of these techniques to work in your nature, travel, urban or journal sketching adventures.
FORCE Drawing Techniques
Artwork by Michael Mattesi

Workshop 3: FORCE Drawing Technique

Instructor: Michael Mattesi
Start date: May 1, 2012

Description: FORCE spans all forms of art, from animation to illustration, cartooning to fine art. Mike Mattesi, author of the popular and inspiring FORCE drawing books, demonstrates his drawing theory across four compelling videos. During the videos you will learn how to draw FORCE, form and shape. Through this knowledge you will add more life and drama to your work. These three main principles can be applied to occupations in the entertainment industry such as character design, animation, illustration, storyboarding and comic books.

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