Sunday, 25 September 2011

In the spotlight

My ATCs arrived for Lenna Andrew's ATC haiku swap and she posted a nice blurb.  Thanks Lenna!
Creative Swaps

Indian Women workshop

This is going to be a super workshop and starts tomorrow!

Instructor: Andrea Melione
Art Level: Women of India is a workshop for beginner and intermediate students.
Start Date: September 26, 2011
Contents: 1 module program
Fee: $24 US per person
Questions? Please view our Online Workshop FAQ
This Workshop Includes:

  • Basic Styles of Indian dress
    • The Sari
    • The Salwar Kameeze
    • Bollywood! Mixing India and the West
  • Indian Jewelry
  • Indian Hair Styles
  • Color and Pattern in Indian Clothing
  • Inspirational Resources
  • Indian Woman Paper doll: Designing your own outfits
  • Project: 8x10 Canvas

Thursday, 15 September 2011

What is: Zetti art?

I've come across references to 'Zetti' and have been doing a bit of Googling to find out exactly what this craze is all about and if it's something I might be inclined to try.  So, I found this article which endeavours to explain the whole Teesha Moore 'movement' (interestingly enough I came across her art a couple months ago) Seems to be a collaged/doodled mix incorporating odd body parts, winged bodies and pointed hats.
Teesha Moore's blog

Watercolour spirals

I've been using loads of spirals lately....................
ATCs #57 - 59

Sunday, 11 September 2011

ATC #51

Wow - have I been busy - 51 ATCs in 15 days.  I am officially ADDICTED!   Here's the latest one, Anubis (the Egyptian god of death):

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Kathy Morton-Stanion

In the midst of making and trading ATCs I met Kathy Morton-Stanion, an artist from Las Vegas.  Her work is breathtaking - full of soul and simply ethereal.    This is her Etsy shop and her website:

ATCs #38 - 41

Saturday, 3 September 2011

ATCs scanned

Just thought of scanning my ATCs in batches as I make them - I may be able to use the images for fabric designs, etc later on (and the photos won't work for that).  I've just made number 29 (25 of them are for trades / swaps) - I love making these and can't wait for my exchange cards to start flying into my postbox - it's like having art penpals :)

New in my sketchbook....

Just discovered metallic pastels - oh what fun!  Did a couple that were requested on ATCs for All and tried out 'Intuitive portraits'. 
PS: Donna, you're a sweetie popping in here all the time!

ATC #23
ATC #24
ATC #25
ATC #26
ATC #27
ATC #28