Sunday, 7 August 2011

'Designs' page

I've posted some old designs taken from my portfolio here.  Here's a peek:
The watermark is from my old website, which I no longer use.  Everything's over here now and a lot more user-friendly :)  Go Blogger!


from Sharon said...

This is WOWEEE...fantastic fashion sketches and love the angle of your watermark. You are very very clever and talented. Every time I look at your blog you have done something fabulous to it. Aren't you happy with all of this?

from Sharon said...

Leigh I don't think I have noticed my blog site on your side bar. That is very kind of you. I forget to add to my side bars, I will add yours.
Thank you, so thoughtful. smiles: Sharon

barbara schreiber said...

Wonderful designs, you certainly are a pro!!