Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bits and pieces

I wanted to post a pic of the cushions I've made for the bed. I have one of those really long pillows, so I used up scraps of satin and alternated colours with the black satin. It came out really nicely and fits in with the Klimt print above the bed.

The other two were both quiilted, the one using cottons and the other satin and beads.

The little lilac 'bunny' was a bit of an experiment and is filled with lavender. Not quite bunny looking - but smells lovely hooked over the bedpost.

And... I just had to add a photo of Balu (posing during the cushion photoshoot on the bed). He's the most adorable cocker spaniel you could imagine - going on 10 years old -we adopted him from the animal shelter when he was about 2.


from Sharon said...

Adorable Balu...what a wonderful doggie name...so loved and so laid back...

Leigh said...

He really is a little angel!