Sunday, 31 July 2011


Carnival is a way of life here. Every year, around February or March (depending when Lent falls) everyone lets their hair down, forgets their problems and parties for 3 days solid. I don't get dressed up myself, but love the atmosphere and have designed and made costumes (to measure) for years now. Click on the Carnival Costumes button in the toolbar to see pics.


from Sharon said...

Leigh you are so talented in so many directions. The costumes are stunning! So interesting that you spend all this time creating for others but don't dress up yourself. I would probably do the same. This blog is a wonderful way for you to preserve those things you do and have done in the past.
Congratulations on the Etsy shop, I have never tried that!!! getting paypal going was enough for me. I hope you have success selling.

Leigh said...

I think a blog is going to be a great way of keeping an online portfolio. You MUST open an Etsy shop - I'm sure it would be a huge success!